Meet the Jacks!


the og jack russell

Jam was our first Jack Russell and we fell in love with her the moment we brought her home in 2005, thanks to Rita’s best friend who already had two jacks. She was a tiny, 50-day-old puppy back then. Jam was so smart, it was almost unbelievable.

She was our beloved companion for almost 16 years, from August 2005 to January 2021, and everyone who met her noticed her unique brown left leg. To honor her memory and loyalty, we named our favorite design after her. The embroidery is stylish and high-end, yet cool and chill, just like Jam was.


the Junior jack


After the loss of our beloved Jack Russell, Jam, in January 2021, we were unsure if we were ready to welcome another pup into our home. However, in autumn 2021, June arrived unexpectedly and stole our hearts.

She is such a fun and lovely addition to our family and has brought us so much joy. June is very different from Jam in personality and traits, but we love her just as much. We feel grateful to have her in our lives and can’t wait to make many more happy memories together.


The Fearless and Kind Leader of the Pack

Panna, our male Jack Russell, is a true leader of the pack. Despite his small size, he fearlessly rules over bigger dogs and commands respect from all the breeds in our garden.

Born in 2011, Panna inherited his mother’s intelligence and stubbornness, but he also has a heart of gold. His name, although a female word in Italian, was inspired by his pure white coat when he was born. As the first-born puppy, Panna has always been a special member of our family, and we feel lucky to have him as a part of our lives.


The Little Jack Russell That Could

Perec, the third and last puppy of Jam, was born in 2011 and is just like his mother and brother, the classic male Jack Russell – stubborn, intelligent, and fun. He now lives with Rita’s parents in Hungary, where he is showered with love and attention.
Despite being the weakest of the litter, we decided to keep him if he would have survived the first night. Thanks to Rita’s care, he not only survived but grew into a healthy and energetic pup. Perec has a special place in our hearts as the little fighter who overcame the odds to become a beloved member of our family.
Fun fact: his name was given by Rita’s mum, and it means “pretzel” in Hungarian.

Jam series

Cool sweatshirts and warm hoodies for the colder weather

June series

organic items with awesome embroidery

the Sons

5-panel hats, beanies, pouches and tote bags